Tech-Enabled Marketing For Online Course

An online course needs to promoted using a funnel that provides a free lead magnet and then upsell the person who has taken the lead magnet with the online course


Set a lead magnet funnel and upsell an online course to the people who have taken the lead magnet

Steps taken to create the desired funnel:
1. Create a questionnaire test as the lead magnet:

Set up a custom questionnaire form as a lead magnet, where at the end the people will be given a score based on which they can judge how good they are at making videos for their own brands.

The challenge was that there wasn’t any particular app, plugin or software that could create a type of questionnaire form that we were looking for.

Hence with the help of our web development team we were able to create a custom questionnaire form that suited our needs.

2. Comprehensive analysis test:

The questionnaire form is customized in a way that based on the answers provided a score is emailed after completion of the questionnaire form. The score helps in analyzing how good one is video marketing and what are things that they need to improve on.

3. Upsell the online course at the end of the questionnaire form

Based on the score received an online course is upsell inside the email.