Setting up automation for Webinar sales for Muskan

A makeup artist starting her own course where she teaches the basics of makeup to aspiring makeup artist or people who want to learn makeup for themselves


With webinar funnel live we need to create an automated system to nurture leads & landing page visitors convert as many of them to buyers of the online course

Steps taken to create the desired funnel:
1. Facebook remarketing ads:

People who landed on the webinar registration landing page and didn’t register and people who watch the free webinar but didn’t enroll for the course were retargeted with different ad angles using Facebook ads for both respectively showing them reason on why they should enroll for the course

2. Following up with people who registered for the webinar

Most people who register for a webinar tend to miss the webinar date if not reminded about the webinar before it starts. In the funnel for the webinar we have provided an option for people to schedule the webinar for later. For the people who have registered for the webinar we reminded the about the webinar in 2 ways
An automated phone call reminder 24hours, 1 hour and 5 mins before the webinar starts
Automated welcome email confirming their webinar registration and a 2nd email 30mins before the webinar start

3. People who have queries

A chatbot with automated answers to some of the most frequently asked questions are being set up in the landing page as well the webinar video page