Marketing Ready Website For a popular digital marketing coach

A popular digital marketing coach was looking to create his own website under his personal brand. The coach had a number of different programs and coaching services being provided to people of different business backgrounds.


We needed to create a website that not only looks good and is fast but also caters to every type of business owner that the coach serves without confusing the visitor when he/she visits the website

Steps taken to create the desired website:

1. Create a homepage : that is simple and guides visitor on where to go to get what they are looking for
With a strong one-liner that represents the coach and a brief about us section on the homepage is added to set the tone to the visitor on what is this website about and what they will be getting

2. Persona wise pages : A section with 6 blocks showing the six type of customer avatars that the coach has has been added, people from respective backgrounds can click on any of those & get information based on their business niche

3. Every page have lead collection intent : Each page on the website has some form of lead magnet in the form of a free ebook, course, test etc that is valuable for the website visitor and they can avail it for free in exchange for their name, email id or phone number. This ensures we can collect as many leads as possible and nurture those leads and convert them into customers

4. Optimised landing pages : with a good offer for people to buy the coaching programs:
A dedicated well-optimized landing pages for each program with a clear call to actions and enticing offer

5. Analytics setup : Analytics setup in the website to measure the performance of each and every page of the website. Tracking the number of visitors & how many of them are converting and buying the coaching program and taking steps based on that data to ensure an increase in conversion