Do you want to know the exact strategy we follow to get more leads and admissions for Preschools, K12 Schools, Colleges, Professional Institutes and Online Training Institutes?

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Date and Time:

Sunday 2nd April 2023

10 am to 12 noon

10:00 am to 10:10 am Introduction
10:10 am to 10:20 am How Education Marketing is Different
10:20 am to 10:30 am Education Marketing Funnel
10:30 am to 10:45 am Lead generation using Google Ads
10:45 am to 11:00 am Lead generation using Facebook/Instagram
11:00 am to 11:10 am Lead generation using Google My Business
11:10 am to 11:20 am How to use social media for branding and lead generation
11:20 am to 11:45 am Lead nurturing and closing more admissions
11:45 am onwards Q&A

Common Problem Faced by Educational & Professional Training Institutions 

  • not getting enough leads
  • not getting quality leads
  • not getting enough conversions from leads
  • unable to convert leads that are qualified but not converting
  • lack of marketing automation
  • lack of sales automation
  • not getting max out of your marketing spends and more…


Well, we have found the solution to the above problems, and it will be covered in the webinar.

It’s time to take control of your education business and learn the strategies to help you succeed!

This webinar is specifically designed to help you get more admissions and increase your revenue. 

You’ll learn effective strategies to attract new students, keep them engaged, and build a loyal customer base.

We understand that running an education business is challenging, but with the right strategies and techniques, you can overcome the obstacles and achieve your goals. 

This webinar will provide you with the tools and insights you need to succeed.

During this webinar, we will cover everything from understanding your target audience and building your brand to developing compelling marketing messages and creating effective campaigns.

You’ll learn how to optimize your enrollment funnel, increase conversion rates, and retain your students.

We know that you’re busy running your education business, but investing a little time in this webinar can make a significant difference in your admissions and revenue growth. 

The strategies we’ll cover have been proven to work for all types of education businesses, including schools, colleges, tutoring centers, and online education platforms.

Don’t let another day go by without taking action to grow your education business. 

Join us for this valuable learning opportunity and take the first step toward achieving your enrollment goals!

Absolute clarity!
That is what we promise you will get at the end of the webinar!

Strategy, Plan, Tips, Tricks, dos and don’ts  and a funnel plan. that will be shared with you during the webinar.


Marketing Plan

We will discuss the importance of having a well-defined marketing plan in place to attract more leads and convert them into admissions.

Funnel Map

We will explore the concept of a funnel map and how it can help you visualize the customer journey from lead to admission.

Campaign Planning

We will delve into the details of campaign planning and show you how to create campaigns that are tailored to your education business.

Branding & Lead Generation

We will discuss the importance of branding in lead generation and how it can help you create a lasting impression on potential leads.

Lead Nurturing

We will discuss the concept of lead nurturing and how it can help you build trust with potential leads.


We will explore the concept of remarketing and how it can help you target leads who have shown interest in your education business but have not yet converted.

Education Marketing is much more than just doing Ads, and getting Leads and Admissions!

Shibaram Mishra
Director, Buzet Web Digital

How you do it, is more important than what you do!

Education Marketing is more about process. What goes in to your marketing funnel, and how you structure and channelise it is very very important. 

That is why, you need a education marketing funnel

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