Full Funnel Marketing For A Preschool Franchise Chain

A preschool franchise chain who is looking to get more franchises for their business across India, Nepal & Bangladesh.


Develop a strategy to create more brand awareness for the brand as well as get leads of interested people who want to start their own preschool in their locality

Steps taken to achieve the desired goal:
1. Free webinars with industry experts:

The goal here is to target people who have some interest in starting their own business and make them aware of the opportunities available for them as an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to start a business in the education sector with a very low investment. This was achieved by organising weekly or biweekly live webinars with industry specialist on preschool education, how to start a preschool business etc

2. Build a community of aspiring preschool owners:

A free Facebook group was created for people who want to know about how to start a preschool. Here the group members get live webinar where they can directly interact with preschool chain owner and share queries and it answered

3. Convert people who want to start their own preschool business as a Franchisee with our clients preschool brand:

To generate leads for people who are interested in starting their own preschool we used to approach
Convert free webinar & Facebook group audiences to schedule a call with our clients team by mentioning about the clients preschool brand inside the free webinar as well as the Facebook group
Create Facebook leads ads targeting different groups of audiences and collect leads of people who are interested in starting their own preschool with a franchise


Over 30,000+ leads generated in one year