Tech-Enabled Marketing For Makeup Artist’s Website

A makeup artist planning to Facebook ads sales funnel to get sales for her online course


The goal is to create a funnel where we will drive traffic to a landing page using Facebook ads to generate registration for a free recorded makeup webinar and at the end of the webinar their will be pitch for buying the course which cost is INR 1999/-

Steps taken to create the desired funnel:
1. Create a landing page on WordPress where people will register for the webinar:
The data collected on the webinar registration form is collected inside a database. The database is a custom build database, which gives you more flexibility of sorting & filtering data according to our wish

2. Set up chatbot to answer website visitor queries:
An automated messenger chatbot has been placed in each page so that people who have queries can get their queries answered. Chatbot has been setup in a way to send answers for frequently asked questions automatically

3. Automated pay now button:
The option to make a button appear after a certain period of time of watching the webinar is available with many advanced page builders like clickfunnels, however to those page builders comes at a very high price. At Buzet with the help our web development team we created the same feature on the webinar video page where the payment button appears after someone spends 60 mins on the page

4. Dedicated web pages with lead id:
Once registered the lead is taken to the page where they can watch the webinar. The page where the person can watch the webinar can only be viewed by the person who watched the webinar. The URL of the webinar video page is dynamic and any person who didn’t register for the webinar will not be able to watch the webinar even if the webinar video page link is directly shared

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