Setting up automation for Network Marketer

A network marketer looking to get more people join his network marketing company as his downline with the help of digital marketing.

A webinar funnel has been setup where webinar registrants are upsell an online course and once they enroll for the course they are registered into his downline as a network marketer for his network marketing company


Increase webinar attendees for the weekly live webinar using automation

Steps taken to create the desired funnel:
A 4 series automated email sequence was setup to remind the registrant about the live webinar before it starts

1. Send a welcome email:
An automated welcome email is sent immediately after one registers for the webinar. The email at first thanks to the registrants for registering for the webinar and then it proceeds to explaining why it is important for them to attend the webinar, what will they get inside the webinar and date & time of the webinar.

It is also mentioned in the email that they will also receive reminder emails before the webinar starts just so as to not forget to attend the webinar.

2. Email reminder 2 days before the webinar starts:
In this email reminder we talk about the trainer’s experience of how by implementing the things that he will be sharing inside the webinar in his own life has brought in change in his life. The goal with this email is to create more curiosity & excitement about the webinar.

3. Email reminder sent 24 hours before the webinar starts:
Similar to the 2nd email, in this email we share the success stories of previous webinar attendees who have benefited by implementing the things mentioned inside the webinar. The goal is again the same that is to create more curiosity & excitement about the webinar.

4. Webinar starting soon email reminder:
A final reminder email is sent 15 mins before the webinar starts and the webinar link is also sent in the email

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