Marketing Ready Website For A network marketer

A network marketer looking to create a brand on the internet to get more downlines for his network marketing business


To create a website based on his personal brand that not only looks good but also is well optimized to convert visitors to potential leads for his online course. With the online course he converts the registrants for the online course into his downline for his network marketing business

Steps taken to achieve the desired goal:

1. Setup online course platform:
Set up the online course which includes setting up all the videos of the course in an organized format on the website, setting up payment methods

2. Automated webinar setup:
Set up an automated webinar funnel wherein people will register for the webinar and at the end of the webinar, they will be upsold to buy the online course. Here are the following steps done to set up the automated webinar
Create conversion-friendly landing page where interested people can register for the webinar
Setup webinar reminders for webinar registrations so that we can have a high number of webinar attendees for the webinars
Setup automated email setup and easy payment modes for people who are interested to buy the course inside the webinar

3. Optimize website for better webinar registrations:
Setup homepage that lets it’s visitor know what they are exactly going to get by visiting the website and take them through a funnel to make the visitor register for the webinar

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