GMB local marketing

A medical diagnostic center was looking to get more footfall for their diagnostic center. The best way to drive in more footfalls from their locality for an offline business is to have an optimized Google My Business account

To drive in more customers for their medical diagnostic center with local marketing

Developing a strategy to achieve the goal:

1. Add every detail as possible:
We added every bit of information regarding the diagnostic center inside GMB. From phone number, address to website link & products & services provided in the diagnostic center

2. Add images of diagnostic center:
People use GMB to get directions to a place and also to get reviews and view more on what’s inside the place and hence we added images accordingly


1. As people view directions of a place in GMB they also want to ensure that they have reached the right place which can be know from the outside view of the place.

The image below shows the outside view of the diagnostic center with a high number of views for this image at 76k

2. Apart from viewing the outside view of the diagnostic center people also would want to know about the inside of the labs on how the inside looks.

The image mentioned below received a total of 644k views. The image is a photo of inside the lab

3. The total number of visits to the website & calls has increased over the past 3 months

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