Data-driven ad optimization for Preschool franchise ads:

A preschool chain looking to get more franchisees for their preschool across India, Nepal, Bangladesh


Generate more qualified leads at a low cost per lead of people interested in starting their own preschool

Steps taken to create the desired funnel:
With the help of Facebook audience insights and from some inputs provided by the client itself we formulated the following steps

1. Perform customer research & analysis:
The audience for this project is quite broad as starting a preschool franchise requires less investment and less space. Hence we decided to divided the audience into 4 segments to test and check which audience perform better and which does not

2. Test out different languages:
A tier 1 city usually has a lot of preschools within a preschool area and hence people in these cities might not be interested in starting another preschool. However for tier 2 & 3 cities the number of preschools is less & hence more people might be interested in starting a preschool in those cities.

Keeping this in mind we decided to try local languages for different states instead of english as the number of person in tier 2 & tier 3 cities would be more familiar with their local languages as compared to english

3. Tracking & optimization of ads performance:
On the initial run of the ads the amount leads were high and at a low cost, however the quality of leads were not upto the mark. To help sort this issue out we focussed on the following strategy
Test and create multiple ad copies & ad angles and find the best performing ad and eliminate or pause the low or bad performing ads
Add more questions in the form that help filter out the bad quality leads and provide us with quality leads

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