Data driven ad optimization for free webinar ads

A makeup artist looking to get sales for her makeup online course using digital marketing.

We have created a webinar funnel wherein people when they register and watch the webinar, at the end they will upsell the makeup online course.


Increase webinar registration for the free webinar at a low cost per registration

Steps taken to create the desired funnel:
1. Perform customer research & analysis:
The goal here is to find out audiences that would give us the maximum number of webinar registrations. The data for this has been found using the audience insights tool with the following strategy,
Finding demography of people who are most interested in makeup
Narrowing down the above audience by filtering in people who are not only interested in makeup but also are interested in makeup products

2. Ad tracking and measurement:
To get maximum number of registrations at a low cost of registration it is important to find out the best performing ads and scale them and also eliminate low or bad performing ads. This was achieved by following the below mentioned strategies,
Create & test multiple ad copies & ad graphic with different advertisement angles to target the audience in multiple ways
Find out ads that have high CTR percentage & low cost per registration
Increase budget of ads having high CTR and low cost per registration
Eliminate or pause ads with low CTR and high cost per registration
Repeat the above steps and keep testing


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