Business Getting More Than 500% More Reach Through “ZERO” Marketing Spend

Buzet India is constantly delivering results that will amaze you. This article will completely change your way of marketing

Have you thought about reaching your potential audience with literally zero paid marketing? We are talking about the time when every second person marketing online is avid on the fact that organic reach is completely dead.

We like challenges and when it came on the fact that organic reach is dead we took it as a challenge to market and business with zero pay per click marketing campaign.In simple terms,we decided to not spend any money to get a click or conversion online and also to maximize reach more than 300% from the last quarter result.

We started the campaign with ‘CAG CS INSTITUTION’ one of the most esteemed tutions in Gorakhpur district of U.P. We focused on local Search engine optimisation because the client had its potential audience and prospects around the local regions. The marketing Budget for the desired result was less than 1K / per month.Research,execution and constant Improvements helped us to Provide Insane results every month.

And here is the result of campaign,


The Business has appeared in more than 2,238 searches within a quarter Results. This were the potential customers searching the business with the targeted keywords of our choice.The visibility in the organic searches created a massive impact for the Brand reach and visibility.

The Brand was actively visible on most of the searches over Google search and was part of more than 500+ Google maps Search.The people who searched the brand on maps were the customers with 50% interest in visiting the business.

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